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Orphan Sunday


From many sources, one voice. On November 3rd, thousands of churches around the world will unite to encourage action and prayer concerning the care of children without families.

From many sources, one voice.

For the second time, Thailand and Chiang Mai will be represented on the global map of events, with CMCC offering prayers for the country’s orphans, and for those of us who are in some way involved in their care.

If you would like to learn more, and/or participate in next year’s Orphan Sunday events, please drop me (T) a line. For more information on Orphan Sunday, visit these websites: / Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)


Prayers for Orphan Sunday

A prayer for orphans in Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand

Lord Jesus, today we join with many thousands of churches around the world to remind ourselves of the heart-breaking reality that children are starting their lives without a family of their own.

Time and again throughout the scriptures we are reminded of your heart towards the orphan, clearly calling us to look after them in their distress, and not to oppress, but to defend, their cause.

We acknowledge that you created the family to care for children. As we remember the orphans in this city and in this land, we are also reminded that we were all once orphans before being adopted into your family. Their need to belong in a family echoes the deeper need for all of us to belong in yours.

Father God, may a move of your spirit convict and empower a generation of fathers in Chiang Mai, and throughout Thailand, to uniquely imitate your heart, and ‘turn their hearts to the children’, as it says in both Malachi and Luke, and in so doing impact this city and nation to ‘make ready a people prepared for the Lord’.

Into your hands we place these lives,


A prayer for those of us involved in the care of orphans

Father God, many of us here in Chiang Mai, and throughout the country, both locals and as guests, have committed our lives to caring for orphans in their distress, and defending their cause.

Father God, please bless our work. Bless us with wisdom as we make decisions about how we should approach our work, and on behalf of those in our care. Bless us with on-going compassion and strength. Bless us with patience when our work faces delays. Bless us with funds, resources and expertise where it is needed. Bless us with vision and hope when our future is unclear.

Above all, we pray that our work is a blessed and clear expression of your heart for the orphan, and therefore a compelling witness of your gospel to those around us, so that those who are lost will find their place of belonging in your family.

Into your hands we place this work,


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