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Dos & Don’ts in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The famous 'Nancy Chandler' map of Chiang Mai. Worth your 200 (or so) baht.


Here are some dos and dont’s for short-term visitors to Chiang Mai, Thailand, from our experience of living here:


  • Get a hotel/hostel inside the moat (the old city wall), or as near to it as possible. It’s where all the action is, the cheap eats, and you can probably just walk everywhere you need to go to (or hire bikes, or take a short Tuk Tuk ride)
  • Go to the Sunday Walking Market – it’s one of the most remarkable night markets in the world (in my opinion)
  • They say you haven’t been to Chiang Mai if you haven’t been to an elephant ‘farm’ – and we would agree. It can be a bit touristy, but there’s nothing quite like hanging out with elephants for a day
  • The cooking schools (of which there are many) are good fun

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